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Symposium on Leadership 2020

May 26, 2020
Beyond Geopolitics: Successful International Education Leadership for the Next Decade Successful international education leadership in the future will require embracing and navigating growing nationalisms, changing demographic pressures, and environmental anxieties. At a time when global engagement
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Knowledge Diplomacy: An Approach to Addressing Global Issues

Examining the role of international higher education and research in building relations between countries is not new. Traditionally, it has been done through a cultural, scientific, or public diplomacy lens and more recently a soft power approach. This article presents a new perspective by using a
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Global Learning Lab 2020

May 27, 2020
This NAFSA Signature Program has been cancelled out of concern for the health and safety of our attendees. Learn more about the decision to cancel this Signature Program and the NAFSA 2020 Annual Conference & Expo. Global Learning in the Research Environment: Convergence, Innovation & Impact NAFSA’s
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Presidents and Provosts Summit

The Presidents and Provosts Summit is designed specifically for campus leaders and chief academic officers who wish to cultivate deeper partnerships with each other while engaging on issues of global learning and campus internationalization. Attendees gain insights from keynote speakers and breakout
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Presidents and Provosts Summit 2020

May 27 - 29, 2020
Join us May 27-28, 2020 for the NAFSA Presidents and Provosts Summit during the NAFSA 2020 Annual Conference & Expo in St. Louis, Missouri. The event will be hosted by Webster University at their Gateway Campus in downtown St. Louis. The Summit will kick-off with a leadership reception Wednesday
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Symposium on Leadership Resources

The Symposium on Leadership is a NAFSA Signature Program presented by the International Education Leadership Knowledge Community (IEL KC) for an audience of senior international officers (SIOs) and campus internationalization leaders. Delivered annually, each Symposium centers around a theme of
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Editors' Note - GSLR No.3, May 2012

We invite you to read the articles and reviews included in our third issue of the Global Studies Literature Review. Previous issues have provided timely reviews of important new works relevant to international education. With this third issue, we sought to deepen our contribution with a more in
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2019 Africa Forum Recap

Washington, DC Thursday, May 30, 2019 What does the “international” in higher education mean and for whom? What is the place of Africa in the international higher education ecosystem? How do issues of equality, representation, and cost play out in that space? These were some of the questions posed
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Defining and Designing Quality in Global Learning at Your Institution

March 27, 2020
Global learning is part of today’s conversation on higher education, but what does it really mean for students to be “global learners”? A compelling need exists for students to have refined global perspectives through the lens of recent - and evolving - world events that impact their future. How can
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