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Realigning Goals of EA With Employability: Successes and Challenges

Session Chair Marty Tillman, Global Career Compass Presenters Cheryl Matherly, Lehigh University Nannette Ripmeester, Expertise in Labour Mobility Davina Potts PhD, University of Melbourne Conference NAFSA 2019 Annual Conference & Expo, "Global Leadership, Learning, and Change." Overview This
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Pre-Departure Orientations for Secondary Schools

Secondary school pre-departure orientation (PDO) programs have many things in common with university level PDOs. However, additional information needs to be covered as the participants are often minors under the legal age of 18. This mandates that for all intents and purposes they are under the care
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Building Virtual Bridges for Cross-Cultural Learning

Are you a university or college faculty member interested in utilizing virtual tools to support cross-cultural learning environments for your students? Do you work with study abroad students and want to enhance their learning experience through virtual connections? This webinar will provide insights
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Developing an International Internship Program

What challenges do you face when creating robust international internship programs? With the resource-heavy nature of internship programs, it is crucial that your campus is prepared to meet the growing demand. The international education office can provide unique opportunities to prepare students
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Model Practices in Education Abroad Heritage Programming

Specialized heritage programs in education abroad are an opportunity for students to gain international experience while connecting with a culture related to their unique heritage. Programs to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia as well as other regions may serve both an academic purpose and a
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