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Building Virtual Bridges for Cross-Cultural Learning

Are you a university or college faculty member interested in utilizing virtual tools to support cross-cultural learning environments for your students? Do you work with study abroad students and want to enhance their learning experience through virtual connections? This webinar will provide insights
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Developing an International Internship Program

What challenges do you face when creating robust international internship programs? With the resource-heavy nature of internship programs, it is crucial that your campus is prepared to meet the growing demand. The international education office can provide unique opportunities to prepare students
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Designing Quality Academic Programs in Education Abroad

Purchase a recording Balancing quality with quantity is a primary concern for education abroad professionals. As the community is called upon to increase the numbers of students going abroad, institutions must maintain their focus on providing programs with academic excellence that draw on the
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Effective Data Sourcing and Strategy for International Educators

International educators and administrators require quality data to make sound decisions and compelling business cases. They also need an understanding of data strategy and data analytics to help advocate on behalf of education abroad and international student programs; advance strategic planning for
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