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Protecting International Students and Scholars from Scams

International students are vulnerable to scammers questioning their immigration status and requesting payment and personal information. In recent years, scammers have utilized increasingly sophisticated techniques to deceive and coerce students, and can involve students’ family members as well
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Effective Communication Plans and Platforms for the ISSS Office

Open and continuous communication between the institution, student and family is beneficial at all times, not just in times of crisis. This resource summarizes model practices for a communication plan to support students throughout their academic experience. Contributors to this resource include
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Supporting Sponsored Students from Pre-Arrival Through Graduation

This Collegial Conversation explored different ideas that provide support, leadership training, and programming for students with a scholarship. Participants discussed and shared how universities can work with scholarship providers to enhance the student’s experience and give back to the community.
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Ewanna Wiley

Ewanna Wiley has 20 years of experience working with international students in both the US and the Middle East. As such, she has gained experience across the educational spectrum. Initially working with international students in a counseling and academic support role in the USA, she has also worked
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International Student Orientation: A Common Thread

Orientation programs offer a unique and vital opportunity to provide "common threads" of information and resources to incoming students, in particular, international students seeking guidance on how to best approach and embrace their new environment. International student orientation models vary
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Today's Chinese Student: What Really Matters

Understanding how to successfully integrate Chinese students into your campus starts with understanding the students themselves. With increasing numbers of Chinese students studying abroad, campuses need to reassess how they are welcoming, educating, and supporting larger populations of Chinese
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Today's Chinese Student: Cultural Insights for Better Integration

Today's Chinese students are different from the students of previous decades, and they are enrolling in unprecedented numbers in U.S. colleges and universities. It is becoming increasingly important for campuses to understand these students and how to bridge the cultural gap between them and other
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Today’s Chinese Student: Understanding the U.S. Classroom

This webinar will provide best practices to help Chinese students address these and other challenges, such as English language difficulties and unfamiliar classroom expectations. Presenters will also discuss how to support faculty in adjusting to the changing demographic of the U.S. classroom.
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