Education Abroad Leadership Award


The Education Abroad Leadership Award was established in 1999 with the support and approval of the then-SECUSSA national team to complement the Lily von Klemperer Award and recognize members whose records of distinguished service to the education abroad profession exceed 15 years. Although two awards were made under special circumstances during that year, the award is now made to one education abroad professional each year at the NAFSA annual conference.


Nominations for the 2019 EA Awards are now closed. The award recipients will be announced at the EA KC Update on Monday, May 27 at NAFSA's 2019 Annual Conference and Expo.

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2018 Recipient

Patricia MartinThe 2018 Education Abroad Leadership Award was presented to Patricia C. Martin, Swarthmore College, during the 70th NAFSA Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

Supporting Praise

"Patricia has been an advocate for the student experience abroad and laid the groundwork upon which many initiatives and practices that are now fundamental to the field of education abroad."

"Patricia chaired the Section on US Students Abroad (SECUSSA), the pre-cursor to the Education Abroad Knowledge Community, in 1998-99 and was an early pioneer and advocate for the still-popular online community forum, SECUSSA-L, when the World Wide Web was still in its infancy."

"Patricia has also contributed to the landmark publication, Responsible Study Abroad: Good Practices for Health and Safety (2002) which is considered the first widely-distributed set of principles guiding professionals on how to set up and implement sound health and safety policies in education abroad. More recently, she served as editor for NAFSA’s Crisis Management in Education Abroad (2017)."

Past Recipients

Past recipients of the Education Abroad Leadership Award (and their professional affiliations at the time of the award) are:

  • 2016 Wiliam Nolting, University of Michigan
  • 2015 Dr. Christopher Bigsby, East Anglia University
  • 2014 Kim Kreutzer, University of Colorado Boulder
  • 2013 Margaret Riley, Duke University
  • 2012 Michael Steinberg, IES Abroad
  • 2011 Carol Fairweather, retired, formerly of the University of Denver
  • 2010 Kathleen McDermott, Columbia University
  • 2009 Janice M. Kieling, University of California-Berkeley
  • 2008 Susan M. Thompson, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
  • 2007 Al Balkcum, University of Minnesota
  • 2006 Nancy K. Stubbs, University of Colorado-Boulder
  • 2005 Bill Cressey, Council on International Educational Exchange
  • 2004 Mickey Slind, Butler University
  • 2003 David Larsen, Arcadia University
  • 2002 Tom Roberts, Butler University
  • 2001 Clay Hubbs, Transitions Abroad Magazine
  • 2000 George Nolan Boyd, Trinity University
  • 1999 Nigel Rogers, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
  • 1999 Charles (Chuck) Gliozzo, Michigan State University