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Subjects Selected: Comprehensive Internationalization

Changing Landscape of Higher Ed Internationalization
A compilation of NAFSA Trends & Insights articles written by authors with a wide range of perspectives on international education and global learning. This collection covers emergent issues in the field of international education over the past two years. This digital download is meant to reflect on
Comprehensive and Strategic Internationalization
Based on the ground-breaking publication Comprehensive Internationalization: From Concept to Action by John K. Hudzik, this digital download examines the lessons learned and future prospects for comprehensive and strategic internationalization. Topics include: limited versus comprehensive approaches
Comprehensive Internationalization: From Concept to Action
This publication presents a thorough introduction to the emerging imperative of a broader scope and scale of internationalization. Beyond "campus internationalization," comprehensive internationalization can be the organizing paradigm for institutions as a whole, academic departments, or
Exec. Summary Comprehensive Internationalization
This executive summary provides a concise overview of NAFSA's report, Comprehensive Internationalization: From Concept to Action. It is intended for use by a diverse audience throughout your institution. The executive summary provides a succinct foundation for discussion and dialogue about the
Facilitator's Guide to International Education Handbook
As a companion to The International Education Handbook: Principles and Practices of the Field, the Facilitator's Guide offers student learning outcomes, key terminology and definitions, central concepts, pre-reading questions, discussion questions, and activities with printable materials to
Global Learning: Defining, Designing, Demonstrating
This joint publication of NAFSA and the Association of American Colleges and Universities provides a definition and rationale for "global learning", a term widely used but with differing meanings across higher education. Organized into three sections corresponding to three important and closely
This digital download is an academic, peer-reviewed collection of book reviews, synopses, and interviews with leading scholars in the field of international education. The Global Studies Literature Review (GSLR) presents a compilation of feature essays and book reviews of recent publications
This issue of the GSLR explores the historical context of many themes important to international education, while simultaneously embracing how scholar-practitioners (and practitioner-scholars) are building the future of the field in innovative ways. Volume No. 10 begins with four explorations of