NAFSA Region IV is seeking nominations for our 2022 Regional Awards that will be presented during this year’s Region IV Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota (October 24 - 27)!!

In past years, we have received very few nominations so we would encourage you to please take the time to nominate your colleagues who are doing such important work!!   As we navigate these difficult times of serving various stakeholders within the field, a “pat on the back” will be appreciated by all those who are nominated and chosen to receive these awards. This is a way that you can have a positive impact on someone’s life as they are recognized for their achievements in the field of International Education!  Nominate! Nominate! Nominate!  Deadline to nominate for 2022 is Sunday, October 09, 2022 at 23:59 (11:59PM) CDT <UTC-5>.

Awards and Recognition

NAFSA Region IV wishes to recognize the outstanding work made in the field of international education. Nominate your colleague for a NAFSA Region IV award in one of the following categories:

Distinguished Service Award

Recognizes Region IV NAFSAns currently involved in the association who have donated at least 10 years of service to NAFSA and who have acted as mentors to colleagues in all aspects of the field. In addition, this award may recognize: professional and personal contributions to the field of international education that are beyond the normal expectations of the job; contributions of time to program for international or study abroad students or campus internationalization efforts; significant leadership at the regional or national levels; reflects the ideals and goals of NAFSA through her/his professional commitment and dedication to the field; retiring international educators who have made significant contributions in the field of international education.

Friend of the Region Award

Recognizes individuals who have given exceptional service to Region IV. This may be someone who has: sacrificed a great deal of their own personal time and resources to train individuals within the region; assisted or aided in a variety of efforts promoting Region IV membership; furthered the interests of international educational exchange; remained active in regional activities, projects, or programs; demonstrated a commitment to promoting global understanding and providing international educational exchange in their local community; contributed to the spirit of volunteerism and demonstrated a long-term commitment to international education and exchange; may be engaged leadership for recruiting, training, and recognizing community volunteers; may actively participate in programming for internationals in the local community.

Internationalization Achievement Award

Recognizes an institution, organization, or group that is making strides, being innovative, and is committed to comprehensive internationalization of the campus.

Most Innovative International Initiative Award

Recognizes someone who has done something outstanding, innovative, or creative; someone who has given hours to a special project; someone who has an idea that could be adapted elsewhere and has potential to impact students or international education profoundly in a very positive manner.

Outstanding New Professional Award

Recognizes an individual who has been in the field for 1 - 5 years; a new professional who is contributing significantly and making a difference in the lives of students and co-workers; someone who is dynamic, enthusiastic, passionate, and who plans to stay involved in the field.

Outstanding Student Award

Recognizes a student who chose to present and participate in our regional conference. Ideally this individual will continue to be involved in the field, ultimately becoming a NAFSA member and serving in leadership roles for NAFSA or similar associations. The award is offered in the hope that the recipient may inspire more students to become involved in NAFSA and help get their foot in the door in the field.

Submit a Nomination


Submit a Nomination


The deadline to submit a nomination for Fall 2022 is Sunday, October 09, 2022 at 23:59 (11:59PM) CDT <UTC-5>.