The Academy for International Education is an intensive nine-month training program with extensive networking opportunities. The Academy fast forwards your learning process and prepares you to take on leadership roles.

Is the Academy for International Education Right for You or One of Your Employees?

As you contemplate professional development options for yourself and your employees, consider NAFSA's Academy for International Education. Now in its fifth year, the Academy provides intense training and development for hundreds of new international education professionals, providing them with the opportunity to understand the broader field of international education and hone their own professional needs. The nine-month program allows graduates to develop into competent and confident professionals in the field. The program is best for those who have just entered the field of international education or who are making a career switch in the field. Academy trainees are all ages and all experience levels who want a quick but meaningful infusion of training and education.

How Much Time Will the Program Require Away From the Office?

This program was developed for the working professional and aligns with NAFSA's conference schedule (with the exception of the spring training in March). Spring training is the four-day intensive program that provides the foundation for the Academy program. It is mandatory. The other two training events occur during NAFSA's annual conference and NAFSA's regional conferences.

What Will Your Employee Will Receive for the $1,600 Fee?

The following components of the program are valued at more than $3,000 worth of training and materials:
  • Free NAFSA membership for 12 months (18 months for nonmembers)
  • Coaching from an experienced NAFSAn
  • NAFSA annual conference fees
  • Regional conference registration fees (reduced/waived depending on regions)
  • Two full-length workshops
  • Four Academy three-hour CEP workshops
  • Three-day Academy Spring Training (a broad overview of international education featuring four of NAFSA's Core Education Workshops)

Are There Additional Expenses?

The Academy fee does not cover travel expenses, lodging, or food at the training events.

For More Information

Contact our Academy coach, Michele B. Barosh mbb13[at]