NAFSA Region VIII: Virtual Programming 2022 Schedule

Share ideas, learn from experts in the field, and connect across the region by attending our virtual programming events! Use this calendar to learn more about our upcoming events. Check back often as events are regularly added to the calendar! 

Upcoming Sessions

June 2022:

Showcase Your Campus With EducationUSA: Hosting Opportunities and Other Ways to Enhance Your International Student Recruitment Efforts

Hosted by: Rebecca Pisano (US Department of State), Susana Guzman (US Department of State), Mark Bladel (Goucher College)

Date: Thursday, June 16

Time: 2-3 pm ET

Description: You know EducationUSA supports U.S. postsecondary institutions with interactive programming and events to meet recruitment, retention, and campus internationalization goals. But did you know you can showcase your campus to EducationUSA advisers, REACs, and the greater higher education community through various hosting opportunities? Learn about the various opportunities to serve as a campus host, including how to apply, benefits and takeaways illustrated by a prior host. EducationUSA is uniquely positioned to assist higher education institutions in their international student recruitment and retention efforts through a variety of services and resources, most of which are free!

Game Changer: International Student Athletes and New Stances on Name, Image, Likeness

Hosted by: Kristen Repyneck Dennis (Goldblum, Pollins & Dennis PC), Stephen McWilliams, Ph.D (Villanova University), Hubert WhanTong Esq. (Villanova University) 

Date: Tuesday, June 21

Time: 1-2 pm ET

Description: The session will explore the NCAA’s 2021 interim policy suspending its name, image, and likeness (“NIL”) rules for student athletes in all sports, and examine when commercialization of an international student athlete’s identity may be permitted in the continued absence of guidance from SEVP. 

  • When is income from NIL rights “employment”?
  • What approaches have institutions taken thus far for their international student athletes?
  • Who are the important campus stakeholders to involve in institutional policy-making?


  • Link to Register: Coming soon!
  • Knowledge Communities: ISSS
  • Career Level: Early Career, Mid Career, Executive


July 2022:

Advancing Into the SIO (Senior International Officer) Role

Hosted by: Lucinda Morgan (University of Pittsburgh), Dr. Yimin Wang (Weber State University), Dr. Garrett Gietzen (University of California, Merced)

Date: Tuesday, July 13

Time: 1-2 pm ET

Description: This session will be an hour-long discussion with three SIOs sharing their experiences about how they applied for their SIO position and advice for those who want to learn more about the SIO position. It is intended to provide insights to beginning and mid-level international educators who are interested in learning more about the SIO role. 

  • Link to Register: Coming soon! 
  • Knowledge Communities: Pan-NAFSA
  • Career Level: Early Career, Mid Career, Executive

August 2022:

Culturally Responsive Teaching: A Sustainable Practice for the Global Learning Community

Hosted by: LaToya Robinson, MPA (Prince George’s Community College)

Date: Thursday, August 4

Time: 1-2:30 pm ET

Description: As educators, transformative learning must begin with dialogue with self, other educators, and then with students. This session will explore Culturally Responsive Pedagogy from its basic tenets, its impact on international education and enhance the work of equity and access in the field. We will examine how these can be applied across disciplines. Participants will learn and be able to demonstrate how one or a combination of theories and strategies can be integrated into their planning and student engagement.

  • Link to Register: Coming soon!
  • Knowledge Communities: Pan-NAFSA
  • Career Level: Early Career, Mid Career, Executive

September 2022:

Help Wanted! Building Risk Management Capacity in the EA Office

Hosted by: Jennifer Ellis Fritz (Bucknell University), Trace Coats (Bucknell University)

Date: Monday, September 12

Time: 12-1 pm ET

Description: Given the increasing multiplicity of international travel risks, the need for EA offices to build risk management leadership capacity is compelling. This session explores strategic training needs, and discusses best practices for EA offices to effectively monitor and manage current and emerging risks in education abroad. The session will utilize the case of a small Liberal Arts Institution, and it will appeal to small to medium-sized institutions with limited EA office staff.

Learning Objectives

  • understand current and emerging risks in EA, and the need to build staff capacity to manage EA related risk.
  • learn how to realign EA staff responsibilities to mitigate overseas travel related risks.
  • develop, identify and provide appropriate training to enhance staff capacity to manage health and safety issues abroad.
  • identify and access valuable resources, including various technologies for risk management.


  • Link to Register: Coming soon! 
  • Knowledge Communities: EA, IEL
  • Career Level: Early Career, Mid Career, Executive

Nonresident Tax – The Survival Guide

Hosted by: Anna Fitzpatrick, Ryan Ludden, Enda Kelleher (Sprintax)

Date: Tuesday, September 27

Time: 12-1 pm ET

Description: In this session, the Sprintax team will break down some of the main principles of nonresident tax to help ISSS offices to prepare themselves for the upcoming tax season, while also providing resources and guidance around best practices to help ensure your international students are tax compliant.

  • Link to Register:
  • Knowledge Communities: ISSS, IEM, IEL, TLS
  • Career Level: Early Career, Mid Career, Executive


October 2022: Check Back Soon



November 2022: Check Back Soon


December 2022:

Behind the Scenes of the Job Search Process in International Education: A Question and Answer Session

Hosted by: Todd Lee Goen (Virginia Military Institute), Kira Espiritu (University of San Diego), Jessica Fetridge (Northwestern University), Shannon Ingleby (Kirkwood Community College)

Date: Friday, December 9

Time: 3:30-5 pm ET

Description: The presenters for this session have over 60 years of combined experience in different sectors of international education and at different institutions. They also routinely serve on search committees. The session will begin with each presenter sharing a bit of their background/experience as well as their best advice for succeeding in the international education job search. The bulk of the session will be devoted to the panelists answering attendees' questions about best practices for the job search. This is the perfect session for anyone looking to break into the field of international education or looking to change jobs.

  • Link to Register: Coming soon! 
  • Knowledge Communities: Pan-NAFSA
  • Career Level: Early Career, Mid Career



TBD 2022: Check Back Soon!

Re-thinking Global Engagement Today (and No, We’re Not Talking About Virtual)

Hosted by: Christina Thompson (Barcelona SAE), Lakendra Brunston-Parker (Virginia Union University), Ebony Majeed (Christopher Newport University)

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Description: As we rebuild study abroad participation, how can we think outside the box when it comes to global engagement today. We are living in uncertain times still, with a global pandemic and the push from some to remove justice-oriented programming or theory from education so that we can return to “normal.” This session features a panel of International Educators with varying roles, discussing trending topics from new financial barriers, Each panelist will share their professional experiences working during these critical times: how we can create justice-oriented global programming; combating the return to “normalcy” with some key changes in our approach to international education, and sharing best practices on overcoming new financial barrier for students who have been historically underrepresented in global experiences.

  • Link to Register: Coming soon! 
  • Knowledge Communities: EA, ISSS
  • Career Level: Early Career, Mid Career, Executive





NAFSA Region VIII 2021 Virtual Programming Call for Proposals

The NAFSA Region VIII team invites international educators in our region to submit proposals for the region’s robust virtual programming offerings in 2022.

We welcome session proposals in a variety of formats, durations, and themes. Session topics can be KC-specific, across KCs, or general interest.

To learn more about potential topics of interest, the process for submitting a proposal, and more, please visit Virtual Programming Call for Proposals Info.

Presenters do not need to be NAFSA members to present virtual sessions in the region.

NAFSA Region VIII: Virtual Programming 2021 Past Sessions

NAFSA Region VIII: Virtual Programming 2022 Past Sessions

NAFSA Region VIII: Virtual Programming 2022 Past Sessions