Committee: Teaching, Learning and Scholarship (TLS) Knowledge Community 
Position: Knowledge Community Coordinator, Content Team, 2020 and 2021 Annual Conference Committees
Term Dates: Two-year term. Renewable for one term.

The Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community (TLS KC) focuses on curriculum internationalization, research that informs practice, and intercultural communication, and serves faculty, administrators, graduate students/post-docs, researchers, intercultural trainers, cross-cultural counselors, and other professionals in international education.

The TLS KC coordinator serves as one of five coordinators appointed to represent each of the Knowledge Communities on the Annual Conference Committee (ACC) Content Team. The coordinator participates in the creation of professional development sessions and workshops for the NAFSA annual conference. S/he is appointed by the TLS KC chair, in coordination with the ACC chair, and is charged with specific responsibilities on the ACC Content Team, while concurrently serving on the full ACC and on the TLS leadership team.

Position updated June 2018

NAFSA is not currently accepting applications for this position.
Major Functions and Responsibilities

General responsibilities of the ACC include:

  • Plan and supervise the creation of the annual conference following NAFSA Board of Directors’ guidelines and NAFSA’s Strategic Plan.
  • In planning future conferences, base decisions on the results of conference evaluations.
  • Attend to the needs of participants from underrepresented constituencies (e.g., graduate students, faculty, those based outside the United States, those at community colleges, etc.).

Specific Outcomes Assigned to the ACC from NAFSA’s Strategic Plan

  1. Identify and disseminate information about a broad variety of successful campus and accreditation efforts that focus on outcomes assessment of internationalization related to the institution and student learning.
  2. Identify and disseminate models of institutional policies and practices in recruitment, reward, and regard of faculty and staff who foster internationalization.
  3. Identify and disseminate model practices in administration and student services that further internationalization.
  4. Highlight model practices to increase faculty and scholar mobility, both to and from the United States.
  5. Identify and disseminate a broad variety of model practices to integrate international perspectives into the curriculum and student life, especially those that integrate international experiences of various students and scholars.
  6. Identify and disseminate model practices that encourage virtual collaborations and interactive connections to complement student and scholar international mobility programs.
  7. Build awareness of internationalization trends and developments in higher education in other world regions through increased content in conferences, learning events, and online resources.
  8. Continue to develop and refine core professional learning products, programs, services, and conferences.
  9. Continue to create and provide knowledge for members and nonmembers throughout their career development and across all international education knowledge domains, emphasizing management and strategy areas.
  10. Create resources and programs that demonstrate the contribution of international education to peace and justice and the development of a global civil society.
  11. Increase professional development opportunities that showcase model practices informed by theory.

Major Functions and Responsibilities


  1. Contribute to the development of a comprehensive and cutting-edge professional development program to serve
    • the broad conference audience.
    • Solicit and review proposals for sessions, workshops, and posters that fit the conference theme, board directives, and NAFSA’s Strategic Plan, and advance knowledge and skill-building for the field of international education and exchange.
    • Recruit and lead a team of skilled volunteer reviewers for proposal review, and manage the review and rating process for session and workshop proposals within the required time frame.
    • Develop a ranked set of sessions and workshops, according to ACC chair instructions, that best address TLS KC priorities and best serve the TLS KC audience.
    • Collaborate with other ACC Content Team members to create a balanced and comprehensive set of sessions and workshops that fit the conference theme and desired topic areas to serve the total conference audience.
    • Recruit poster fair organizers for poster fairs related to the TLS KC.
    • Help engineer or re-engineer sessions and workshops on topics of importance not otherwise represented through the normal selection process.
    • Assist in encouraging presenters to attend to adult learning needs and multiple learning styles.
    • Review session handouts in advance of the conference and determine if any would make good TLS KC network resources.
  2. Serve as a communications liaison between the TLS KC and the ACC to ensure that the professional development needs of the audience members served by the TLS KC are met at the highest level possible within the limitations of the conference program.
    • Participate as an active TLS leadership team member.
    • Communicate regularly with the TLS leadership team about activities related to the ACC.
    • Confirm TLS KC priorities for conference content with the TLS KC team, building from the TLS KC work plan and retreat reports.
    • Solicit ideas for possible expert speakers for the TLS KC audience and propose a speaker to the ACC Executive Team.
    • Collaborate with and support the TLS KC in scheduling and leading special sessions for the TLS KC, such as the TLS KC Update and Network Center Meetings.
    • Work with the TLS KC team to ensure that high-quality networking opportunities are provided for the TLS KC audience throughout the conference.
    • Work closely with the TLS KC staff partner, conference program staff, and academic affairs staff.

All NAFSA leaders are expected to foster an inclusive environment and seek to learn and understand the multicultural perspectives of the committee/team, our constituents, and stakeholders to align with the NAFSA Diversity and Inclusion Statement. An expression of leadership in this area includes:

  • Engaging the committee/team to identify and implement strategies for increased personal outreach, recruitment, and onboarding for all, especially diversity-focused and underrepresented groups
  • Increasing accessibility and participation from underrepresented groups, individuals, and institutions
  • Expanding educational content within the committees’ purview through intentional outreach and recruitment of diverse presenters and institutional types in partnership with various NAFSA groups

NAFSA: Association of International Educators is a professional association driven by its Strategic Plan as established by the Board of Directors.  The success of the association depends on the productive engagement of three key constituencies: the Board, member-leaders, and staff.  Member-leaders are advocates for the association’s mission, vision, values, diversity and inclusion, and ethical principles. They align their work closely with the Board through its vice presidents and with staff to carry out the Strategic Plan. Member-leader roles are guided by objectives assigned by the Strategic Plan, by outcome accountabilities outlined in the Standing Rules, and by position descriptions for specific roles.  

  • This position collaborates closely with other NAFSA leaders to enhance work efforts across the association.
  • This position partners closely with the NAFSA staff partner assigned. Effective relationships reflect and include responsiveness to phone calls/e-mail correspondence, timely delivery on responsibilities, open communication and mutual respect among other characteristics.
  • Participate in conference calls and e-mail communication with TLS KC leadership and staff.
  • in monthly conference calls and e-mail communication with the ACC and conference program staff.
  • One to two hours per week. Busiest time is in the summer and fall, especially with proposal reviews in August and September.
  • Prepare for and attend the Washington Leadership Meetings (WLMs) in February 2019 and January 2020 (travel and per diem provided by NAFSA).
  • Prepare for and attend pre- and post-conference meetings at the NAFSA annual conferences in late May 2019 and 2020 (complimentary registration for the 2019 and 2020 conferences that the TLS KC coordinator helps plan).
  • Prepare for and attend the ACC meeting in September/October 2019 and 2020 (travel and per diem provided by NAFSA).
  • Broad knowledge of the professional needs of members served by the TLS KC, as evidenced by prior regional or national service to this knowledge community
  •  Recommendation by the TLS KC chair
  • Enthusiasm and ability to mobilize colleagues to develop strong session and workshop proposals
  • Strong management skills, especially in leading volunteers in the proposal review process
  • Ability to make a two-year commitment
  • Prior attendance at three or more NAFSA annual conferences
  • Prior experience as a proposal reviewer is helpful, but not required
  • Willingness to adopt organization-wide perspectives and TLS KC strategic priorities
  • Willingness to adopt association priorities and perspectives on volunteer development and management
  • High strategic planning, management, networking, and delegation experience
  • Strong coordination, analytical, oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively with a team and with NAFSA staff in an outcomes-based environment
  • Commitment to access and respond to e-mail in a timely fashion as well as communicate using online electronic tools/systems plus the online workspace structure
  • Willingness and ability to travel for participation and representation at NAFSA meetings
  • Manage unconscious bias in the assessment and decision-making process
  • Recognized by peers for being energetic, innovative, and visionary
  • Valid NAFSA membership through the length of the leadership term
  • Ability to meet the volunteer commitment outlined and planning calendar deadlines