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Sharing Results for Effective Advocacy

How do we communicate results from data collected through surveys and interviews to improve international education programs and services? How can we best share these results with either scholarly or practitioner/policy-oriented audiences to advocate for implementing necessary change to lead to
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Effective Communication and Planning With Parents

Today’s student is accustomed to increased family involvement and interaction. These young adults often depend on their families for advice, guidance, and financial support throughout their university experiences and beyond. As a result, international education professionals have had to modify their
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Effective Communication Plans and Platforms for the ISSS Office

Open and continuous communication between the institution, student and family is beneficial at all times, not just in times of crisis. This resource summarizes model practices for a communication plan to support students throughout their academic experience. Contributors to this resource include
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International Graduate Enrollment Management in a Time of Crisis

IEM Spotlight, Vol. 20, Summer Issue | Table of Contents By Kathleen M. Joyce, MS, Syracuse University Even in the best of times, international graduate recruitment planning and strategic development is challenging. Set in the context of a global pandemic, the process takes on added stress and
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