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Global Learning and Unconscious Bias

How can global and intercultural learning opportunities identify unconscious biases and address prejudices? This Collegial Conversation explored how developing global and intercultural competencies can help faculty, staff, administrators, and students discover their own unconscious biases, and how
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Teaching Interculturally in Virtual Environments

How do you facilitate intercultural communication and understanding in virtual environments? How can virtual learning opportunities develop intercultural competencies? This Collegial Conversation discussed strategies to enhance intercultural communication and explored ways to integrate intercultural
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Global Studies Literature Review

This resource is an online compilation of book reviews, written by a wide variety of voices—faculty members, independent researchers, practitioners, and graduate students. We hope the GSLR stimulates the intellectual side of our work and, whether it serves an academic, professional, or simply
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Intercultural Activity Toolkit

Activities that can be used by international educators with the goal of internationalizing the campus. Activity sizes range from person-to-person to campus-wide.
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Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community

The Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (TLS) Knowledge Community fosters connections among scholarship, policy, and practice in international education. View the TLS vision and mission as well as a list of NAFSA members leading this community and professional networks.
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