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Intercultural Communication in Practice

Audience:Professionals who provide intercultural training and advising to students, faculty, and staff. Workshop Description: International educators (are expected to) provide intercultural guidance to students going abroad and incoming international students, as well as to other constituents on an
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Assessing Learning Outcomes for Education Abroad

Many education abroad advisers have experienced a college junior just returned home from spending a semester abroad, rushing into the office, bubbling over with excitement about everything she learned about herself and her host country. However, while these individual stories of personal
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Intercultural Skills in the Workplace

This Power Point presentation was given by Janice Mulholland, Higher Education Manager, British Council at the session 'Intercultural skills in the workplace: New research on employer needs' at the 2013 NAFSA Annual Conference on Wednesday, May 29.
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Become a Champion for International Education

It is apparent every day that our world is interconnected and interdependent. Tomorrow’s citizens will need a sophisticated understanding of other societies and their ways of thinking, and of the transnational challenges facing us all. Students at all levels of education need access to information
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