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International Student Recruitment Cover
This new edition of NAFSA’s best-selling book focuses on various aspects of recruiting, including: assessing an institution’s readiness to recruit international students building human resource capacity for international recruitment creating an international recruitment plan recruiting international
NAFSA's Toolkit for Managing in Times of Global Uncertainty
Organized around the NAFSA International Education Professional Competencies, this compilation of NAFSA resources—including International Educator articles, checklists from knowledge communities, and a Collegial Conversation transcript—empowers leaders in the field to manage their teams and meet
Cover of navigating the intercultural classroom
This book goes beyond theoretical discussions and provides concrete methods for integrating intercultural communicative competence into the language classroom through its inclusion of practical examples, engaging activities, and real-life case studies. Readers will develop both the consciousness and
Preparing Secondary Educators for Leading Student Travel
Preparing Secondary Educators for Leading Global Student Travel is designed to help prepare secondary educators for leading and facilitating education abroad experiences for middle and high school students. It explores various topics, including: the skill sets of effective program leaders training
Promoting Inclusion in Education Abroad Cover Image
Promoting Inclusion in Education Abroad: A Handbook of Research and Practice offers a combination of research-based chapters and case studies from leading experts on the barriers that disproportionately impact specific groups of students, including: students with disabilities first-generation
Secondary School International Student Pack
For those interested in viewing the secondary student guides before purchasing bulk packs. This sample pack contains one of each of the three informational guides meant for secondary school international students or their parents when planning for education in the United States. See the individual
Senior International Officers: Roles and Responsibilities Book Cover
Effective leadership for internationalization is necessary for higher education institutions to remain relevant within an increasingly interconnected and competitive global higher education landscape. While the formal titles and functions of senior international officers (SIOs) vary across
Social Justice in International Education
In Social Justice and International Education: Research, Practice, and Perspectives, educators, scholars, and practitioners from across the field explore social justice research and social justice in practice, as well as provide a variety of perspectives on this important and timely topic. The book