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Health and Safety for Secondary School Programs Abroad
Planning an education abroad program for middle or high school students can be an enormous undertaking. This new digital download centers on key health, safety, and risk management issues that are involved in developing a secondary school international experience. It covers topics such as essential
Health and Wellness Book Cover
This guide provides information on the U.S. healthcare system and payment structure, when and how to find medical care, emotional and psychological health, and health care for dependents, among many other topics. Order in singles or bulk, and provide copies for your students that are interested in
International Education in a Time of Global Disruption cover
In this compilation, the NAFSA 2018-19 senior fellows share insights and reflections on pressing issues affecting higher education and the global economy. To inspire dialogue, each article is followed by commentary from another senior fellow.
International Enrollment Management Strategic Planning
Offering an integrated, holistic approach to international enrollment management (IEM,) this publication includes input from a wide variety of institutional stakeholders. Each chapter highlights an important aspect of creating and sustaining a strategic IEM plan. Topics include planning, recruitment
International Parents Guide Cover Image
The International Parents' Guide aims to help international parents understand the U.S. educational system, visa requirements, health and safety issues, cultural adjustment, and more. It includes a glossary of U.S. higher education terminology and a list of additional resources that is useful for
International Parents' Guide to U.S. High School
This booklet was written expressly for the parents of international high school students studying in the United States. It includes up-to-date information on issues such as educational program options, predeparture documentation, academic culture, and expenses and budgeting
International Partnership Development Today
International Partnership Development Today: Insights and Best Practices from Case Studies offers insight into higher education partnership development today. Different partnership types and trends are discussed and real-life case studies are presented. Trending factors affecting the development of
International Partnership Dynamics and Types
This installment of NAFSA’s International Partnerships Series: Developing Sustainable Academic Collaborations provides an overview of different international partnership dynamics and types of activities to help institutions find the right fit for their needs in order to build the foundation for
International Research Partnerships
This installment of NAFSA’s International Partnerships Series: Developing Sustainable Academic Collaborations examines historical and future approaches to international research partnership development and their institutional and global values. Topics include establishing strategic research allies