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Global Learning: Defining, Designing, Demonstrating
This joint publication of NAFSA and the Association of American Colleges and Universities provides a definition and rationale for "global learning," a term widely used but with differing meanings across higher education. This publication is organized into three sections, which correspond with three
The Global Studies Literature Review ( GSLR) is an academic, peer-reviewed collection of book reviews, synopses, and interviews with leading scholars in the field of international education. This series is a peer-reviewed publication produced in partnership with NAFSA's Teaching, Learning, and
This issue of the Global Studies Literature Review ( GSLR) is centered on the topic of "Looking Back and Looking Forward." It explores the historical context of many themes important to international education, while simultaneously embracing how scholar-practitioners (and practitioner-scholars) are
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NAFSA is very excited to welcome Nick Gozik as the new editor of the Global Studies Literature Review. As Gozik steps into this role with his vast knowledge and experience, we are assured of a bright future. This issue's theme, "International Education in Times of Crisis: Connecting and Reimagining
This volume's theme, “Moving Beyond the Status Quo: Advancing Inclusive Excellence in International Education,” is extremely relevant and timely as it guides our collective way forward in this critical moment. In the last few years, the world has experienced an unprecedented period of simultaneous
The fall 2010 installment of the Global Studies Literature Review features the theme "Three Emerging Themes for the Field." It features 14 entries, from nine new contributors and three returning contributors. Highlights include: Gavin Sanderson reviewing the Polish writer Ryszard Kapuściński's final
The third issue of the Global Studies Literature Review sought a more in-depth exploration of a topic. The theme for this issue, “Sustainable Global Commitments in International Education,” resulted in several submissions that together provide salient and insightful views on the professional efforts
The theme for this issue of the Global Studies Literature Review is "Critical Perspectives on Internationalization." This theme reflects the growing scrutiny of international higher education in the early twenty-first century, in which some scholars are predicting internationalization's "end" or
The initial call for this special issue of the Global Studies Literature Review, "The Politics of Language in International Education," cast a wide net over connected fields of linguistics, cultural studies, human rights, intercultural communications, and language pedagogy. The call posed the
This issue of the Global Studies Literature Review focuses on theme of the NAFSA 2015 Annual Conference & Expo—New Horizons in International Education. Rapid change in learning environments, budgetary realities, student and scholar mobility trends, and national interests are just a few of the