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This issue of the Global Studies Literature Review ( GSLR) focuses on the theme “Framing the Global.” Inspired by Hilary E. Kahn’s edited volume Framing the Global: Entry Points for Research (Indiana University Press, 2014), which offers a set of academic research perspectives on disentangling
This issue of NAFSA’s Global Studies Literature Review ( GSLR), which features the theme "Comparative Approaches to Diversity and Inclusion in Global Higher Education," recognizes that the challenges of diversity and inclusion extend well beyond the field of international education. The field as a
The theme of this issue of the Global Studies Literature Review, "New Models and Emerging Perspectives in Global Education," includes a special introduction celebrating the 15-year anniversary of the Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community (TLS KC) by Chair Sora H. Friedman. The
Guidelines Ethical Practices Recruitment
Guidelines for Ethical Practices in International Student Recruitment is a training guide for international education administrators seeking to improve the ethics of their recruitment practices. Part 1 provides an overview of the topic from knowledgeable administrators and practitioners and includes
Health and Safety Abroad
Health and Safety Abroad: A Student Guide for Preparation and Response provides students with an overview of tips and insights they should consider regarding their health and safety before, during, and after they embark on an education abroad experience. Order in singles or bulk, and provide copies
Health and Safety for Secondary School Programs Abroad
Planning an education abroad program for middle or high school students can be an enormous undertaking. This new digital download centers on key health, safety, and risk management issues that are involved in developing a secondary school international experience. It covers topics such as essential
Health and Wellness Book Cover
Health and Wellness: A Guide to Health Care in the United States provides international students and scholars with information on the U.S. health care system and payment structure, when and how to find medical care, emotional and psychological health, and health care for dependents, among many other
Hiring Manager Questions: In Alignment with Second Ed
Based on NAFSA’s International Education Professional Competencies 2.0, this set of sample behavioral interview questions is a helpful tool for supervisors when hiring employees in any area of international education. This tool is not meant to be an exhaustive list but rather a starting place for
Incorporating Education Abroad into Career Book Cover
Incorporating Education Abroad into Your Career Plan: Before, During, and After Your Experience Abroad is expressly designed for students to help them translate their education abroad experience into their plans for the future. Topics include: types of education abroad programs and how to select one