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English Language Testing in U.S. Colleges, 2nd Edition Book Cover
English Language Testing in U.S. Colleges and Universities, Second Edition tackles the vital issues involved in English language testing for those seeking admissions, newly arrived students, English as a Second Language (ESL) instructors and program administrators, admissions officers and student
Evaluating Foreign Credentials Cover
The third edition of this best-selling resource guides readers through the most important elements of foreign credential evaluation, such as researching foreign educational systems, identifying fraudulent documents, and converting grades and credits earned. Special features include: More than 50
Exec. Summary Comprehensive Internationalization
This executive summary provides a concise overview of NAFSA's report, Comprehensive Internationalization: From Concept to Action. It is intended for use by a diverse audience throughout your institution. The executive summary provides a succinct foundation for discussion and dialogue about the
Exploring Education Abroad
Exploring Education Abroad helps to answer many of the questions that racial and ethnic minority students might have about navigating the education abroad experience. The guide dispels common misperceptions and covers topics such as family support, financial aid and scholarships, and ways to
Facilitating Education Abroad: Blueprints for Successful Advising
Facilitating Education Abroad is an asset for education abroad advisers seeking to expand their programs and advising services. Covering topics such as marketing and outreach, managing student records, and linking international experiences to career development, this publication features more than
Facilitator's Guide to International Education Handbook
As a companion to The International Education Handbook: Principles and Practices of the Field, the Facilitator's Guide offers student learning outcomes, key terminology and definitions, central concepts, pre-reading questions, discussion questions, and activities with printable materials to
Factors Influencing U.S. Int'l Student Enrollment Growth cover
NAFSA, in partnership with APLU and INTO, conducted a longitudinal analysis of factors influencing international student enrollment at U.S. higher education institutions. The team examined 2 decades of data derived from 11 publicly available sources, making this analysis among the most comprehensive
Finding Your Way Cover Image
Finding Your Way: Navigational Tools for International Student and Scholar Advisers is designed to give international advisers the essential tools to jump-start and then help make the most of their careers. As well as a resource for practical advice and information such as skill sets, mindsets
Fostering International Student Success in Higher Ed, 2nd Ed
The increase in the number of international students attending English-dominant schools brings benefits as well as challenges for institutions. Shapiro, Farrelly, and Tomaþ provide a lively, informative discussion that answers the questions instructors commonly ask when seeking to ensure success for
Friendship With An American Host
This handy booklet designed for international students will provide insight into common U.S. customs, ways in which the students can engage with their host and peers, and how they can get involved within their community. A must-have resource for orientations, it will help students establish