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Student Visas
Student Visas: What U.S. Students Need to Know provides students with a better understanding of why they might need a student visa and how to apply for one, as well as tips for navigating the visa process, advice for working with consulates, and a discussion of common pitfalls to avoid. With the
Successful Relationships Recruiting Agents
Sharing basic information and tips related to successfully managing relationships with recruitment agencies, Successful Relationships with Recruiting Agents: Essential Considerations provides readers with key considerations and strategies for making informed decisions in relation to policy and
Sustainability in International Education cover
In this resource, NAFSA’S 2020–21 Senior Fellows consider the intersections of sustainability and international education. To prompt reflection on the purpose and power of international education and intentionality in seeking positive environmental impacts, the authors outline what a more values
Taking Your Education Abroad Book Cover
An excellent tool for any education abroad office, Taking Your Education Abroad: A Guide to the Initial Stages of the Education Abroad Process, helps students explore the exciting possibilities of education abroad, with recommendations and links to helpful resources for the planning process. It
Changing Landscape of Higher Ed Internationalization
A compilation of NAFSA Trends & Insights articles written by authors with a wide range of perspectives on international education and global learning, The Changing Landscape of Higher Education Internationalization includes an introduction by expert John K. Hudzik. This collection covers emergent
Guide to Successful Short-Term Programs Abroad, 3rd Ed
This new edition of NAFSA’s best-selling book is designed primarily for staff and faculty working in higher education in the United States (or with such institutions) who are responsible for developing, leading, or managing short-term education abroad programs. It is also useful for those in upper
Handbook on Financial Aid for Education Abroad, Third Ed.
Finances are often top of mind for education abroad participants, and education abroad professionals can best assist students if they understand how federal financial aid may be applied to such programs and the mechanisms employed by the financial aid office. This thoroughly revised digital download
The History of NAFSA: 75 Years of Advancing International Ed
At a time when international education is more important than ever, The History of NAFSA provides a timely and insightful perspective on internationalization and campus impact. The book makes a compelling case for the importance of international education in fostering global citizenship, building