NAFSA 2022 Annual Conference & Expo

Peers and experts joined together at the NAFSA 2022 Annual Conference & Expo, the premier global professional learning and networking event for international educators and organizations supporting international education programs. Together, we are "Building Our Sustainable Future."

The 2022 Annual Conference Committee invites you to submit a session, poster, or workshop proposal for the NAFSA 2022 Annual Conference & Expo in Denver, Colorado.

Annual Conference Theme: Building Our Sustainable Future

The NAFSA 2022 conference will be an opportunity for the international education community to move forward on a new journey together. We will discuss the recovery and progress of the international education field, share new ideas, and explore innovative ways of building our sustainable future. We will celebrate our diversity and resilience and collaborate on charting new paths towards a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive tomorrow. We will ground our discussions in possibility and creativity, and look for opportunities to educate each other, innovate with each other and advocate for each other.

NAFSA welcomes proposals that highlight:

  • The role of international education in building social, economic, and environmental justice, and especially in promoting access, equity, diversity, and inclusion;
  • Fostering economic and programmatic sustainability in international education strategies and offerings;
  • Model practices for virtual, in-person, and hybrid program design and delivery;
  • International education leadership steering the recovery and rebuilding of the field;
  • The role of international education in combatting climate change and fostering environmental sustainability;
  • International education as a research field;
  • Creative design and technologies in international education programs and services;
  • Global, local, and campus-based advocacy for community engagement, shared responsibility, and dialogue;
  • Navigating legalities, risk, and ethical challenges around global programs and operations during and postpandemic;
  • Measuring outcomes, assessing impact, and using data to advocate, educate and innovate for the future;
  • Support strategies for mental health, self-care, and resiliency;
  • Career development and employability strategies to support the field at large, including students, scholars, faculty, and staff;
  • The importance of personal and programmatic mentoring;
  • Successful strategies for alumni engagement and cross-campus and cross-industry collaboration;
  • Comprehensive internationalization efforts, especially at underrepresented institutions.

Sessions and Workshops

Deadline: Aug. 25, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. (EDT)

The session and workshop proposal deadline has passed. 

What is a session? Sessions are panel discussions intended to provide attendees with model practices, regulatory information, and other key aspects of the field.

What is a workshop? Workshops are for training smaller audiences and teach in-depth practices.

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Poster Fairs

Deadline: December 8, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. (EST)

The poster proposal deadline has passed. 

What is a poster? Posters are visual presentations of model practices and programs. During the fairs, poster presenters and attendees have the unique opportunity to have one-on-one discussions about the topics presented.

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Call for Proposals by Knowledge Community

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International Education Leadership (IEL)

International Enrollment Management (IEM)

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (TLS)

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Poster Fair themes

Key Dates

  Sessions/Workshops Posters
Deadline (5:00 p.m. Eastern) August 25, 2021 December 8 , 2021
Decision Notifications November 2021 March 2022


NAFSA Proposal Submission Policies

All session, workshop, and poster presenters are required to adhere to NAFSA’s terms and conditions.