NAFSA International Education Town Hall events are open to the extended international education community. It is our opportunity to share, listen, and learn together. This dialogue will extend beyond each event with an opportunity to ask questions, share insights, and provide support to those within the international education community seeking answers. These events will be offered year-round, and each event will have a unique focus.

Past Town Halls

Innovation, Collaboration, Diversity, and Resilience in International Education
November 14, 2018
This special International Education Town Hall for International Education Week (IEW) 2018 focused on the latest innovations, partnerships, and diversification initiatives from across the field. NAFSA’s Vice President for Professional Development and Education Ravi Shankar highlighted and discussed specific examples, including those shared by participants. He was joined by his colleague Adam Goodman to offer insights on strategies to keep resilient as we face challenges in our daily work.

Understanding IEM in a Climate of Change
February 23, 2017
Due to new White House policies that may affect international students' perceptions of the United States as a destination of choice, many in the international enrollment management (IEM) community may be facing challenging times as they travel abroad to recruit new international students and speak to parents and families about studying in the United States.

Representing the United States While Abroad: You as the Ambassador
January 31, 2017
Every four years, students, faculty, and administrations are challenged with representing the United States abroad during a new presidential administration. No matter one’s political affiliations, when we study abroad, research abroad, forge new international partners, we are often asked by our overseas hosts about U.S. politics and engagement with the world. Our hosts make judgements about the United States, and we must use our tact and diplomacy to respond to their curiosity and perceived stereotypes of the United States – in other words, to serve as cultural ambassadors.

Coming Together, Moving Forward
November 18, 2016
As campuses across the United States prepare for a new administration, many in the international education community are facing difficult questions from international students and scholars seeking answers and assurances. NAFSA hosted its inaugural International Education Town Hall, the first in a series of online forums designed to bring together the international education community in a time of uncertainty and change.