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Kelly Hughes

Kelly Hughes
Towson University
Kelly Hughes is the International Students and Services KC Liaison representative for Region VIII.

Anna Wise

Towson University
Anna Wise is the International Enrollment Management KC Liaison for Region VIII.

Matt Drexler

Matt Drexler
University of Delaware
Matt Drexler is the Campus & Community Programming representative for Region VIII.

Gina Dreyer

Gina Dryer
University of Maryland, Baltimore
Gina Dreyer is the Regulatory Ombuds for Scholar Issues for Region VIII.

Michelle Massey

University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Michelle Massey is the Regulatory Ombuds: Student Issues representative for Region VIII

Sharde Johnson

Sharde Johnson
The George Washington University
Sharde Johnson is the Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator for Region VIII.

Jacob Gross

Jacob Gross
University of Pennsylvania
Jacob Gross is the Membership/Networking Coordinator for Region VIII.

Claire Mokry

University of Pittsburgh
Claire Mokry is the Conference Planning Coordinator for Region VIII.

Samba Dieng

Lehigh University
Samba Dieng is 2019 Region VIII Academy Coach. Dieng is the director of international students and scholars at Lehigh University. Samba is originally from the West African nation of Senegal. He came to the United States to embark on his undergraduate studies in political science at the University of...