International Educator Sponsored Content Advertising Guidelines

Sponsored content that appears in International Educator is created by the advertiser, who is responsible for the content’s factual accuracy. It is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of IE’s editorial staff or NAFSA. NAFSA has no role in creating the content; its sole responsibility is to publish and distribute.

Transparency for Users and IE Readers
Sponsored content will be clearly labeled as such on the IE website, including a byline on the article: “Sponsored content by [advertiser].” Standard language on sponsored content will specify that NAFSA is not responsible for the content or its factual accuracy, nor does the content necessarily reflect the opinion of NAFSA, its board of directors, or staff.

NAFSA reserves the right to reject any advertiser’s submitted content if it does not align with NAFSA’s stated values. NAFSA also reserves the right of final approval on creative assets, and all creative changes must be approved by the IE editorial team. Sponsored content will be copyedited and edited for NAFSA style. Any sponsored content that has a detrimental impact on the site or causes a negative user experience will be removed.

Sponsored content materials are due to the IE editorial team a minimum of 10 business days prior to publication for copy editing and NAFSA style editing. Sponsored content must include a URL that links to an active page, which must be relevant to the content presented.