International Students and Scholars

Karen Doss Bowman
Institutions can take proactive steps to help international students feel secure in the United States.
Meredith Bell, Rachel de Rosset
While Spain is a top destination for students from around the world, the country has struggled to maintain quality and retain students in its higher education system.
Mark Toner
How two entrepreneurial alumni are successfully encouraging their global peers to study in the United States.
Vicki Valosik
U.S. institutions are exploring new opportunities among international high school students.
Charlotte West
Institutions are not only assessing the language proficiency of international students, but also helping students in their adjustment to an unfamiliar educational system and culture.
Charlotte West
Best practices for international educators to help international graduates get a successful start to their professional futures and navigate new regulatory hurdles.
Susan Ladika
From the safety and security of students studying abroad to financial liability and enrollment management precautions, institutions must be vigilant in assessing and managing risks of all kinds.
Charlotte West
In today’s cultural and political climate, international students need to understand issues of racism, identity, and privilege to successfully navigate life in the United States.
Charlotte West
Despite shifting enrollment patterns, the United States remains the top destination for international students. What are the factors that contribute to students choosing to study on U.S. campuses?
Andreas Schleicher
The returns on higher education degrees are significant. But who should pay for higher education, and why? OECD's Andreas Schleicher explores the financial indicators that affect international student flows.