International Student and Scholar Services

Mark Toner
IEM and ISSS offices must work closely together to keep international students at the center. Here’s how.
Charlotte West
It will come as no surprise to anyone that after years of steady growth, international student enrollment in the United States dropped below 1 million in 2020–2021, following a 15 percent drop the previous year. A pandemic dip was inevitable—it was just a matter of how much of a dip there would be
John Gallagher
During a period of hiring uncertainty, it’s critical to find the right people—and keep them for the long term.
Karen Doss Bowman
How ISSS offices can support this student population, which is expected to grow in coming years.
Charlotte West
With a growing number of Indian students on U.S. campuses, there are several ways for international offices to better support this population.
John Gallagher
Engaging international students in volunteering has social, cultural, and career benefits.
Charlotte West
As part of the wider campus community, it is incumbent upon international offices to create safe spaces and make connections for students.
Charlotte West
How institutions in the United States are meeting international students’ academic, financial, social, and emotional needs—including with pandemic-era innovations in services and programs.
Jill Allen Murray, MPA, Erica Stewart
What you should know about the Biden administration's Joint Statement of Principles for international education.
Gretchen Dobson, EdD, Sandra Rincón, MSc, Şule Yalçın, MSc
International alumni in Turkey and virtual internships in Australia demonstrate the power of international professional development.