International Students and Scholars

Charlotte West
As part of the wider campus community, it is incumbent upon international offices to create safe spaces and make connections for students.
Charlotte West
How institutions in the United States are meeting international students’ academic, financial, social, and emotional needs—including with pandemic-era innovations in services and programs.
Jill Allen Murray, MPA, Erica Stewart
What you should know about the Biden administration's Joint Statement of Principles for international education.
Gretchen Dobson, EdD, Sandra Rincón, MSc, Şule Yalçın, MSc
International alumni in Turkey and virtual internships in Australia demonstrate the power of international professional development.
Ana González, OP, Rendy Schrader, Cassi Winslow-Edmonson, MS
Two institutions that foster international student engagement in service projects share their tips for success.
John Gallagher
International students already face challenges to their mental health, and the COVID-19 pandemic worsened these challenges. But international educators are getting creative to support students and expand access to mental health resources.
Elizabeth Hendley
Eleven professionals answer six questions about their work going into 2021.
Edward Alden, MA
Will tensions between the United States and China continue to escalate—and will students find themselves caught in the middle?
Erica Stewart
A roadmap for rebuilding and restoring international education leadership.
Karen Doss Bowman
As resources are increasingly stretched thin, forging partnerships across departments on campus can yield results—and these four action steps can help.