International Enrollment Management

Samira Pardanani
Why recruitment, enrollment, and advising together are a critical competency now and in NAFSA’s next chapter.
Mark Toner
As institutions revisit strategies following the pandemic, disruption is the watchword—and an avenue for opportunity.
Karen Doss Bowman
Creating actionable strategies can start with small steps.
Christopher Connell
Two and a half years after its launch, SEVIS has become business as usual on campuses—almost.
Four aspects of English-language testing to watch.
Jacqueline Kassteen, Marigold S. Holmes
Understanding parents’ role in international student recruitment and retention can help build successful engagement strategies.
Mark Toner
IEM and ISSS offices must work closely together to keep international students at the center. Here’s how.
Jessica Sandberg, MA
Following the test optional movement, will holistic admissions be the next domino to fall in the world of enrollment and admissions? If so, what comes next?
Charlotte West
It will come as no surprise to anyone that after years of steady growth, international student enrollment in the United States dropped below 1 million in 2020–2021, following a 15 percent drop the previous year. A pandemic dip was inevitable—it was just a matter of how much of a dip there would be
John Gallagher
Bringing the human touch to recruitment, admissions, and beyond is the key to making sure international students succeed.