International Enrollment Management

Charlotte West
Intensive English programs are expanding their offerings and rethinking the role they can play in higher education.
Jessica Sandberg
Why international enrollment management professionals should rethink what return on investment means and how to measure it.
Meredith Bell, Rachel de Rosset
While Spain is a top destination for students from around the world, the country has struggled to maintain quality and retain students in its higher education system.
Charlotte West
With the right support, this population’s intercultural skills and global competencies can be a boon to internationalization efforts on campus.
Menachem Wecker
Historically, expansion in the number of middle-class families has meant more students going abroad for college, but there are many factors to consider.
Charlotte West
Institutions are not only assessing the language proficiency of international students, but also helping students in their adjustment to an unfamiliar educational system and culture.
Susan Ladika
Intensive English programs have been hit particularly hard in recent years. To counter the impact, programs across the country are reassessing their paths forward in a changing landscape.
Mark Toner
To curb the effects of lower enrollments, colleges and universities need new, innovative strategies to keep international students coming.
Mark Toner
International student enrollments have been on the decline for several years at institutions across the United States. While there are multiple contributing factors to this downward trend, the long-term effects have significant implications for higher education.
Glenn Cook
Most international enrollment management offices are sitting on piles of data that can be more effectively analyzed to realize untapped recruiting opportunities, prove their worth to their institution, and focus resources.