Practice Area Column

John Gallagher
International students already face challenges to their mental health, and the COVID-19 pandemic worsened these challenges. But international educators are getting creative to support students and expand access to mental health resources.
Mark Toner
Seven strategies to build successful global health research collaborations.
Mark Toner
Six considerations and strategies to create long-lasting global health partnerships—and boost internationalization efforts on campus.
Sheryll Poe
Understanding where office funding comes from helps education abroad professionals work with creativity within constraints.
Mark Toner
As more institutions explore incorporating agents into recruitment plans, several considerations and best practices can help ensure success.
Charlotte West
Learning and applying lean management principles can help international offices improve processes, save money, and create a better experience for students.
Hal Conick
Get personal and think creatively to attract international students and keep them engaged, say enrollment management professionals.
John Gallagher
“Take this opportunity to act”: Why creating a cross-campus team for risk management can help reframe an institution’s approach to risk postpandemic.
Karen Doss Bowman
What to do now to ensure coverage meets evolving needs.
Elizabeth Hendley
Eleven professionals answer six questions about their work going into 2021.