Practice Area Column

Charlotte West
How education abroad offices can support students who return early from their experience abroad, from housing and travel logistics to continuation of classes.
A rich model for online international education is taking on greater importance during the pandemic—and it cannot be rushed.
John Gallagher
Leaders are relying on communication, empathy, flexibility, and a little levity to keep staff healthy and motivated.
Karen Doss Bowman
Expanding virtual recruitment and finding new ways to collaborate can help enrollment professionals adapt to the new normal.
Karen Doss Bowman
Whether about a natural disaster, car accident, or global pandemic, effectively communicating with students’ parents during times of crisis requires thoughtful preparation.
Charlotte West
How to help international students who remain in the United States, from navigating housing logistics to providing social and emotional support.
Mark Toner
Leveraging locale and playing to strengths can provide opportunities for research and engagement.
Steve Springer
An update to the international education community about NAFSA’s recommendations to U.S. government agencies during the current pandemic.
John Gallagher
How to turn vendors into valued collaborators in international enrollment efforts.
Jessica Sandberg
Whether team members are scattered across oceans or across home offices, leaders can rise to meet the challenges of remote work.