Practice Area Column

John Gallagher
The future of education abroad is likely a mix of new virtual options and pre-COVID in-person elements.
Gretchen Dobson, EdD, Sandra Rincón, MSc, Şule Yalçın, MSc
International alumni in Turkey and virtual internships in Australia demonstrate the power of international professional development.
John Gallagher
The pandemic squeezed professional development opportunities for international educators. It also opened up new opportunities—and leaders should frame additional responsibilities as preparation for the postpandemic world.
Mark Toner
Four factors to consider as institutions prepare for students to study abroad.
Sally S. Mudiamu, EdD
How a group in the Pacific Northwest can be a model for virtual exchange administrators to create communities of practice.
Ana González, OP, Rendy Schrader, Cassi Winslow-Edmonson, MS
Two institutions that foster international student engagement in service projects share their tips for success.
Ashleigh Brown-Grier, MSEd, Stephanie Tilley, MEd, Travis Smith, PhD
How international educators can prioritize and amplify efforts to increase global engagement among Black students.
Angela Manginelli, Lee Rivers
Study abroad alumni are uniquely positioned to influence their peers and campus leadership, especially when it comes to expanding equity and students’ access to education abroad programs.
John Gallagher
International students already face challenges to their mental health, and the COVID-19 pandemic worsened these challenges. But international educators are getting creative to support students and expand access to mental health resources.
Mark Toner
Seven strategies to build successful global health research collaborations.