Practice Area Column

John Gallagher
Study abroad programs for secondary school students require special handling, but done right, they can result in life-changing experiences.
Karen Doss Bowman
Institutions can take proactive steps to help international students feel secure in the United States.
Charlotte West
With the right support, this population’s intercultural skills and global competencies can be a boon to internationalization efforts on campus.
Eylem Atakav
Teaching, learning, and scholarship underpin work in all areas of international education to affect change on a global scale.
Charlotte West
The benefits of working with advancement and alumni departments to fund international initiatives.
John Gallagher
Senior international officers can build bridges with their campus chief advancement officer to strengthen fundraising efforts.
When designed with focus and vision, international partnerships serve as fundamental tools for international engagement.
George Kacenga
In a time of dwindling resources for recruitment and enrollment management, state consortia can bring institutions together to amplify efforts.
Charlotte West
In today’s cultural and political climate, international students need to understand issues of racism, identity, and privilege to successfully navigate life in the United States.
Heather McGann
Advisers in the United States can glean insights from on-site staff in nontraditional study abroad countries to better prepare U.S. students before they go abroad.