Education Abroad

Charlotte West
There is growing interest in developing global learning opportunities for Indigenous students, as well as programs that focus on the histories and experiences of Indigenous populations in specific locations.
John Gallagher
How the education abroad and international student and scholar services offices can support international students who choose to study abroad.
David Tobenkin
Changes in student preferences, office resources, and pandemic-era modifications have transformed the study abroad recruiting game.
Mark Toner
To emphasize career skills, education abroad programs must look beyond overseas experiences—and their immediate rewards.
John Gallagher
How education abroad offices can limit the environmental impacts of study abroad programs on their host communities.
Karen Doss Bowman
The why and how of cost-benefit analyses, plus four steps to begin the process.
Miko McFarland
An excerpt from the forthcoming book NAFSA’s Guide to Education Abroad, Fifth Edition, highlights the skill of budget management.
Mark Toner
Eight ways partnerships and student outreach can help make international experiences a core component of the student experience.
Mark Toner
Study abroad programs can leverage data in new ways—and from new sources on campus.
Jill Allen Murray, MPA, Erica Stewart
What you should know about the Biden administration's Joint Statement of Principles for international education.