Education Abroad

Mark Toner
Eight ways partnerships and student outreach can help make international experiences a core component of the student experience.
Mark Toner
Study abroad programs can leverage data in new ways—and from new sources on campus.
Jill Allen Murray, MPA, Erica Stewart
What you should know about the Biden administration's Joint Statement of Principles for international education.
Karen Doss Bowman
Many institutions are ramping up their study abroad offerings, beginning with faculty-led programs—and finding the best faculty members for the task is essential.
John Gallagher
The future of education abroad is likely a mix of new virtual options and pre-COVID in-person elements.
Mark Toner
Four factors to consider as institutions prepare for students to study abroad.
Ashleigh Brown-Grier, MSEd, Stephanie Tilley, MEd, Travis Smith, PhD
How international educators can prioritize and amplify efforts to increase global engagement among Black students.
Angela Manginelli, Lee Rivers
Study abroad alumni are uniquely positioned to influence their peers and campus leadership, especially when it comes to expanding equity and students’ access to education abroad programs.
Sheryll Poe
Understanding where office funding comes from helps education abroad professionals work with creativity within constraints.
Karen Doss Bowman
What to do now to ensure coverage meets evolving needs.