Education Abroad

John Gallagher
Study abroad programs for secondary school students require special handling, but done right, they can result in life-changing experiences.
Patricia C. Martin
Increasing numbers of undergraduates are interested in pursuing research opportunities abroad, and international educators are at the nexus of campus collaboration to ensure student success.
Meredith Bell, Rachel de Rosset
While Spain is a top destination for students from around the world, the country has struggled to maintain quality and retain students in its higher education system.
Carly Womack-Wynne
Giving students immersive experiences abroad is a first step to shaping a new generation of globally minded leaders. From predeparture curriculum and sustainable program design to respectful dialogue and idea exchange, students’ experiences today make them tomorrow’s leaders.
Susan Ladika
From the safety and security of students studying abroad to financial liability and enrollment management precautions, institutions must be vigilant in assessing and managing risks of all kinds.
Heather McGann
Advisers in the United States can glean insights from on-site staff in nontraditional study abroad countries to better prepare U.S. students before they go abroad.
Mark Toner
Students—and the employers who hire them after graduation—are increasingly seeking education abroad programs that develop personal and professional goals for the twenty-first century marketplace.
Meredith Bell
South Korea remains a top sending country to the United States, even as the South Korean government pursues an ambitious international student enrollment goal of its own.
Meredith Bell
News and updates from the world of international education.
Miko McFarland, Jason Hope
The role of an education abroad office regularly expands to encompass managing fears and expectations of concerned stakeholders, and the most effective crisis communication methods begin well before a crisis occurs.