Education Abroad

Tyler Morkin, MA
The people and places along the way shape our path forward.
Todd Goen
What I’ve learned from being open to opportunity—and what I hope for the next generation of international educators.
Katie Wiggins-Gawlik
As international educators, we must step forward with courage, curiosity, and a willingness to embrace the unknown.
Katie Pazda
Various roles and experiences set me on my career journey in international education—and I have high hopes for newcomers to the field.
Karen Bauer
A high school experience in Japan forever changed the trajectory of my life.
Christopher Caldwell
My adviser’s actions and encouragement set me on a path to positively impact others.
John Gallagher
Study abroad programs are returning to full strength, but the landscape has shifted significantly since the pandemic. Education abroad professionals share the four areas that may have lasting changes.
Karen Doss Bowman
As study abroad offices ramp up their programs after the COVID-19 pandemic, several considerations can help guide the evaluation of new and existing partnerships.
John Gallagher
LGBTQ students are increasingly represented in international programs. Understanding the resources that they need for support requires considering how identity connects with student experience.
Mark Toner
The COVID-19 pandemic shone a spotlight on mental health issues for college students—and provided new opportunities for support.