Elizabeth Hendley
International educators have always been a tight-knit community, and now they are relying on each other more than ever before. Read how NAFSA members are offering each other ideas, resources, tips, and support in this unprecedented time.
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Intensive English programs are expanding their offerings and rethinking the role they can play in higher education.
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With a new focus on improving its educational system, enrollment continues to climb at Egyptian higher education institutions.
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The ‘accidental international reporter’ discusses big-picture trends, academic freedom, and the international education stories not being told.
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Study abroad programs for secondary school students require special handling, but done right, they can result in life-changing experiences.
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Institutions can take proactive steps to help international students feel secure in the United States.
NAFSA members suggest what to read, listen to, watch, and follow.
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Why international enrollment management professionals should rethink what return on investment means and how to measure it.
NAFSA Senior Fellow Jenny Lee explores the change in U.S. perceptions of China and the impacts on internationalization.
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Increasing numbers of undergraduates are interested in pursuing research opportunities abroad, and international educators are at the nexus of campus collaboration to ensure student success.