Stacye Fraser Thompson
International educators are uniquely positioned to address the world’s greatest challenges.
Kim Priebe
Why risk assessment and crisis management are a critical competency now and in NAFSA’s next chapter.
Tyler Morkin, MA
The people and places along the way shape our path forward.
Todd Goen
What I’ve learned from being open to opportunity—and what I hope for the next generation of international educators.
Roopa Rawjee, EdD
As an international educator, I center self-reflection and change to better serve others.
Robb McCollum
How volunteering at a NAFSA conference led to instrumental advances in my career as an international educator—and gave me a sense of belonging and purpose.
Katie Wiggins-Gawlik
As international educators, we must step forward with courage, curiosity, and a willingness to embrace the unknown.
Katie Pazda
Various roles and experiences set me on my career journey in international education—and I have high hopes for newcomers to the field.
Karen Bauer
A high school experience in Japan forever changed the trajectory of my life.
John Hildebrand
Creating positive change in small and big ways will ensure international education’s lasting impact on the future.