Meredith Bell
A roundup of NAFSA member recommendations for what to watch, listen to, follow, and read.
Jeff Riedinger, PhD
A note from the NAFSA President and Chair of the Board of Directors.
Dana Bukenova, MSc, Bernie Burrola, MA, Kyle Contrata, MS, David Di Maria, EdD, Joann Ng Hartmann, MS
Insights into the prepandemic decline in international student numbers in the United States—plus reasons for optimism and remaining challenges.
Charlotte West
A conversation about what international educators should understand about budget allocation, program proposals, navigating dips in revenue, and more.
Elizabeth Hendley
A conversation with NAFSA’s director of public policy about what the international education community might expect from the Biden presidency—and where to look for signs of hope.
Esther D. Brimmer, DPhil
The United States is a mix of many currents, and its history crashes ashore in waves.
Charlotte West
A conversation with a psychologist gives insight into why it is difficult to plan during times of uncertainty, the importance of acknowledging progress, and what happens when leaders fail to communicate well with their staff.
Meredith Bell
The outgoing president and chair of NAFSA’s board of directors discusses how he maintains hope in the face of the challenges and uncertainty.
Hilary E. Kahn, PhD
Global learning encourages us to see how the global and local are full complements of who we are.
Joanna Regulska, PhD
International educators must continually innovate, especially when faced with change.