Soledad Zapiola
There is a renewed appetite for collaboration and reconnection—but there also new collective anxieties.
Nick Seamons
The adjustments that created positive personal and professional outcomes for staff and students.
Ida Thompson
Three guiding principles keep me inspired in my work as an international educator.
Esther D. Brimmer, DPhil
International education can be part of the better alternative. As we repair the field after the pandemic and other disruptions, we must not only look inward, but also up and outward
Parinaz Zartoshty, EdD
The intersection of world events and education is real and here to stay.
Meenakshi Kachroo Chatta
“Changing the invitation” in order to create opportunities for more students.
Janelle Rasmussen
What we once thought of as “normal” may forever be altered.
David Lind, EdD
Interestingly, it is often our lack of knowledge that allows us to connect with others.
Bolu Oluwadiya, MA
Adopting a culture of care among ourselves and at our institutions is one way to intentionally pursue community as international higher educators.
Bo White, EdD
The importance of preparing for the unknown—and the power of showing up anyway.