Fanta Aw, PhD
This year's Simon Award winning institutions offer inspiration and hope amid challenging times.
Karen Doss Bowman
Three Global North-Global South partnerships demonstrate mutual benefits through shared research and learning goals.
John K. Hudzik, PhD
Post-COVID reform of higher education internationalization is not for the meek.
Jane Knight, PhD
What is the difference between these two terms—and why does it matter for international higher education?
John K. Hudzik, PhD
Several factors in the higher education reform landscape will shape international education in the years to come.
Mark Toner
Academic freedom and internationalization are at the heart of higher ed. But in the face of growing global threats, the relationship between the two is becoming more complex.
Charlotte West
What three institutions on three continents are doing to advance sustainability in international education.
Elizabeth Hendley
CANIE co-founder and NAFSA Senior Fellow Alisa Lamont on the misconceptions, challenges, and opportunities around sustainability and international education.
David Tobenkin
Despite obstacles, India has enormous potential to be a major player in international education.
David Tobenkin
India’s tertiary education sector faces a period of tremendous expansion as reform efforts aim to overcome challenges.