Take 5: January + February 2019

A roundup of NAFSA member recommendations.
Photo: Christina Hemsley/Shutterstock

This month's recommendations from NAFSA colleagues includes a book from a well-known travel writer, a psychologist to follow on Twitter, and an opportunity to advocate for international education. 

1. Travel as a Political Act by Rick Steves

“[The book] gives examples of how traveling causes individuals to develop greater understanding of how culture and countries are connected. I’ve found this book particularly helpful for people who have spent time abroad and are experiencing reverse culture shock. I have used the last chapter, about putting your global perspective into action at home, in workshops for students returning from study abroad.”

—Amanda Fletcher, North Seattle College

2. National Public Radio’s “Educate” podcast

“This podcast covers a broad range of topics pertaining to teaching, learning, and policies impacting education. Their journalists are well informed and provide critical insight to various topics. Plus, they alert you of other national trends and emerging stories from across the nation.”

—Matthew Beatty, Concordia College, former Chair of NAFSA’s International Enrollment Management Knowledge Community


3. @AdamMGrant

“One of my go-to inspirations is professor and author Adam Grant, who is an American psychologist at the Wharton School of Management at the University of Pennsylvania. What I find attractive is the management theory from his book, Give and Take, that [says that] through helping others, we achieve success. The premise of the book is relevant for our resource-scarce yet caring-driven professions across international education. This management theory can help us find inspiration and further lean into our talents

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