Take 5: May + June 2019

A roundup of NAFSA member recommendations.
Photo: Pavel Nekoranec/Unsplash

This month's recommendations from international education colleagues includes an insightful book, a podcast that covers a range of topics, and blogs written by fellow international educators.

1. Civil Conversations Project

“The tagline [of this series from the On Being with Krista Tippit podcast] says it all: ‘Speaking together differently in order to live together differently.’ This particular series is demonstrating a core value of international educators—discourse among people with different perspectives for the purpose of mutual understanding.”

—Samantha Martin, Via TRM

2. “Do Not Disturb: How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain”

“This feature from the New York Times is something that I think is quite timely for many colleagues I work with. I’ve also been trying to encourage more and more students going abroad to set aside one day a week to leave the phone at home in their host cities while going out to explore and get lost in their community.”

—Zach Tobin, University of Michigan

3. TED Talk by Taiye Selasi

“In this thoughtful TED talk, ‘Don’t Ask Me Where I’m from, Ask Me Where I’m Local,’ Selasi deconstructs the monolithic and narrow notions associated with being ‘from’ a place, and describes the ways we can better describe ourselves and understand one another by learning where we are ‘local,’ and what that local experience is.”

—Tracy Rundstrom Williams, Texas Christian University

4. Globalcitizen.org

“This website serves as a platform providing information on the most pressing global issues of our time. I’ve particularly enjoyed following their podcast, movie

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