Take 5: July + August 2019

Special edition: a collection of NAFSA member recommendations on what to read, watch, and listen to this summer.
Photo: Unsplash

This month's recommendations from international education colleagues include a thought-provoking documentary, a book and podcast that give global perspective, immigration resources, and a NAFSA member who currently blogs from Italy.

1. Our Man in Tehran

“Thomas Erdbrink is one of the last Western correspondents living in Iran (he was the Iran bureau chief for the New York Times). His documentary is one of the most personal, insightful stories about life in modern Iran. I found it to be a very impactful story about a country with which the United States has such a complicated relationship.”

—Cheryl Matherly, Lehigh University

2. Temp: How American Work, American Business, and the American Dream Became Temporary by Louis Hyman

“Temp shares the story of how work has become insecure in the United States. By extension, this analysis also makes me think about how our global perspective of work needs to be changed. The advice that we give students about working in the United States must also be updated. We live in a global marketplace. Consider this: How are you preparing your domestic and international students for work defined by temps and advanced technologies?”

—Earl Lee, Arizona State University

3. Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC)’s immigration resources

“The field of academic immigration work is no longer isolated and removed from the overarching problems with our broken immigration system. Academia is being rapidly drawn into the larger issues with employment-based migration and border security. With broad and deep perspectives on the immigration issues facing the United States, the

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