Training Dates


International Educators interested in learning how to research critical management, programmatic and long/short term planning issues and communicate findings to key stakeholders. Designed for individuals without extensive research backgrounds or those looking to refresh their knowledge in this area.

International education professionals face critical management decisions every day. With today’s ever greater emphasis on outcomes and data driven decision making, managers need to be able to research issues to find a sound strategy. Applied research enables the IE professional to use proven and systematic research approaches to tackle these key management issues. In this workshop you will learn the basics of applied research, how to get started, create your plan, design your project, gather and analyze data and perhaps most importantly – use and communicate your results. These results may help you improve a critical service; complete a needs assessment and test feasibility of a new service; support the need for new initiatives or build continued support of your work with key administrators at your institution. Learn how to effectively tell the story of your data and findings to move your work forward.

Workshop Objectives

  • Understand the connection of research to professional life
  • Gain exposure to basic process of research including the research cycle
  • Grasp the contextual, ethical, and practical considerations when doing research in an applied setting
  • Identify a research topic and begin creating a research plan
  • Identify your stakeholders and their impact on your project
  • Consider design approaches
  • Learn commonly used practical hands-on tools including surveys, interviews and focus groups
  • Learn basics of analyzing your data
  • Learn how to use your results to address critical work issues including creating recommendations
  • Learn how to tell the story of your findings and engage key stakeholders