Committee: Education Abroad Knowledge Community (EA KC)
Position:   Health and Safety Content Coordinator and Co-Chair of the Health and Safety Subcommittee  
Term Dates: Two-year term, renewable for one term (maximum of 4 years) 

This position serves on the Education Abroad Knowledge Community (EA KC) team, attends meetings at the Washington Leadership Meeting (WLM) and annual conference, participates in conference calls, and facilitates other assignments from the EA KC chair. This position provides oversight and coordination of the content designated in the EA KC network, the primary vehicle of each knowledge community for disseminating knowledge and information. The portfolio includes the continued development and management of resources and discussions through the EA KC web pages and network. The content coordinator looks for opportunities to add value to the community through a dynamic and vibrant discussion forum, creation of high-quality and timely resources, and effective communication to the community of network subscribers.

The areas of content related to this position are directly associated with the assigned subcommittees and NAFSA International Education Professional Competencies (listed below); however, applicants and team members should be aware that content may shift from time to time, necessitating a shift in the content coordinator position description focus.

IE Competency Foci (refers to the descriptions of each category and for each functional role in the publication, NAFSA International Education Professional Competencies):

  • Crisis Management on page 8, and
  • Student Health and Safety on pages 15–16.

Position updated July 2016

Applications are not currently being accepted.
Major Functions and Responsibilities