Committee: Education Abroad Knowledge Community (EA KC)
Position:   Health and Safety Content Coordinator and Co-Chair of the Health and Safety Subcommittee  
Term Dates: Two-year term, renewable for one term (maximum of 4 years) 

This position serves on the Education Abroad Knowledge Community (EA KC) team, attends meetings at the Washington Leadership Meeting (WLM) and annual conference, participates in conference calls, and facilitates other assignments from the EA KC chair. This position provides oversight and coordination of the content designated in the EA KC network, the primary vehicle of each knowledge community for disseminating knowledge and information. The portfolio includes the continued development and management of resources and discussions through the EA KC web pages and network. The content coordinator looks for opportunities to add value to the community through a dynamic and vibrant discussion forum, creation of high-quality and timely resources, and effective communication to the community of network subscribers.

The areas of content related to this position are directly associated with the assigned subcommittees and NAFSA International Education Professional Competencies (listed below); however, applicants and team members should be aware that content may shift from time to time, necessitating a shift in the content coordinator position description focus.

IE Competency Foci (refers to the descriptions of each category and for each functional role in the publication, NAFSA International Education Professional Competencies):

  • Crisis Management on page 8, and
  • Student Health and Safety on pages 15–16.

Position updated July 2016

Applications are not currently being accepted.
Major Functions and Responsibilities
  1. Serve on the EA KC team, attend meetings at WLM and annual conference, participate in conference calls, and execute other assignments from the chair.
    • Work Plan:
      • Contribute to the work plan that supports the EA KC objectives.
      • Submit mid-year and end-of-the-year reports at the appropriate times of the year.
      • Liaise with chairs of the assigned subcommittees to coordinate development of web practice resources, NAFSA Collegial Conversations, etc. The content coordinator sits as an ex officio member on the subcommittees, obtains regular reports, and ensures they are effectively communicating to the national team and regularly communicating with the full EA KC.
      • Connect the work of the subcommittees to the EA KC annual work plan.
    • Annual Conference:
      • Attend subcommittee meetings at the annual conference.
      • Contribute to planning and leadership of EA KC open meetings at the annual conference.
      • Actively seek out potential members for leadership cultivation.
    • Training and publications:
      • Contribute to the collaborative work between the EA KC national team and the NAFSA publications team on the development and publication of both paper and web-based documents (electronic newsletters, manuals, e-Publications, books, etc.) for education abroad, by proposing new publication ideas and participating in the vetting process of materials and talent (authors, editors, contributors).
      • Contribute to the determination of short-, medium-, and longer-term professional development needs and solutions for the EA KC, including encouragement and coordination of regional conference training options.
      • In accordance with member needs and NAFSA’s Strategic Plan, recommend training priorities and needed resources to NAFSA’s professional learning services (PLS) team for consideration.
  2. Monitor, organize, and manage practice resources on the website:
    • Coordinate the creation of high-quality and timely resources utilizing assigned subcommittees for the performance of the objective or finding alternative means of producing the work.
    • Optimize user accessibility to resources.
    • Identify content needed by the community and bring it to the attention of the team.
    • Ensure the review and revision of existing resources, as needed.
    • Review the resource categories and suggest reorganization or addition of new
      categories as needed.
  3. The networks provide a means by which international education professionals can raise issues and questions; identify appropriate programs, opportunities, and mentors; and connect with colleagues at all levels. The content coordinator works closely with the EA KC chair stream to ensure that the dissemination of information aligns with the EA KC work plan and interests of the chair stream so that the EA KC team learns about members’ interests and key topic areas.
    Monitor and manage the discussion forum(s) on the network (Network.NAFSA):
    • Participate in and monitor the discussion forum related to the content areas.
    • Seed discussion and exchange on the discussion forum, as appropriate.
    • Ensure responses to any unanswered postings, as necessary.
    • Identify forum questions and topics to recommend to the EA KC team for further consideration for development into resources.
    • Forward issues and requests that require EA KC decision and/or action (unanswered posts, member needs and trends regarding training, information, resources, etc.) to the appropriate EA KC team member, including those posted in the discussion forums and those forwarded by staff from members.
    • Contact the EA KC staff partner with suggestions to improve the user experience or with questions about technical issues.
    • Refer international educators to appropriate network(s) and encourage participation in networks.
    • Collaborate with other EA KC content coordinators on cross-network resources and discussions.
    • Host regular NAFSA Collegial Conversations on the topics of the content coordinator’s area, in collaboration with the relevant subcommittee(s), working group(s), or others.

This position will work closely with the EA KC staff partner to improve and update the network, ensuring a strong, dynamic sense of community among subscribers. Primary responsibilities of the staff partner include:

  • Format content to conform to NAFSA web guidelines and style.
  • Post information to the network via the EA KC Network Leader.
  • Remove content, as needed, per the terms of use and netiquette in consultation with the content coordinator.
  • Discuss with the content coordinator any NAFSA and non-NAFSA information that may apply to the network.
  • Update the What’s New blog on the network home page with timely information.
  • Send What’s New network announcements to network subscribers.
  • All technical aspects of the network in collaboration with web services staff.

All NAFSA leaders are expected to foster an inclusive environment and seek to learn and understand the multicultural perspectives of the committee/team, our constituents, and stakeholders to align with the NAFSA Diversity and Inclusion Statement. An expression of leadership in this area includes:

  • Engaging the committee/team to identify and implement strategies for increased personal outreach, recruitment, and onboarding for all, especially diversity-focused and underrepresented groups
  • Increasing accessibility and participation from underrepresented groups, individuals, and institutions
  • Expanding educational content within the committees’ purview through intentional outreach and recruitment of diverse presenters and institutional types in partnership with various NAFSA groups

NAFSA: Association of International Educators is a professional association driven by its Strategic Plan as established by the Board of Directors.  The success of the association depends on the productive engagement of three key constituencies: the Board, member-leaders, and staff.  Member-leaders are advocates for the association’s mission, vision, values, diversity and inclusion, and ethical principles. They align their work closely with the Board through its vice presidents and with staff to carry out the Strategic Plan. Member-leader roles are guided by objectives assigned by the Strategic Plan, by outcome accountabilities outlined in the Standing Rules, and by position descriptions for specific roles.

  • This position collaborates closely with other NAFSA leaders to enhance work efforts across the association.
  • This position partners closely with the NAFSA staff partner assigned. Effective relationships reflect and include responsiveness to phone calls, email correspondence, timely delivery on responsibilities, open communication, and mutual respect, among other characteristics.

This is a two year term, renewable once for a maximum term of four years. The estimated time commitment is approximately two to four hours per week, depending on the team, subcommittees, and network activity.

  • Prepare for and attend the WLM in January (funding for WLM is provided by NAFSA).
  • Prepare for and attend preconference meetings at the NAFSA annual conference in May.
  • Subscribe to the content coordinator’s work space and set preferences to receive e-mailed announcements and discussion forum postings.
  • Participate in monthly conference calls with the EA KC chair and content coordinators in the knowledge community.
  • Participate in scheduled conference calls with the assigned subcommittees.
  • Participate in leadership cultivation for the EA KC, its subcommittees, and other NAFSA leadership roles.
  • Current NAFSA membership throughout length of volunteer service
  • A minimum of five years’ experience in international education
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • An active interest in assisting colleagues with professional and leadership development
  • Ability to make a two-year commitment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Familiarity with various forms of social media 
  • Experience using web-based communication (technical experience is not required)
  • Past experience in a NAFSA leadership role is preferred